Our Work

Our Approach

Effective interpersonal communication is 75% listening and 25% talking. The same is true for effective social marketing strategies. That’s why we start – and end — by listening to you, your priority populations, and anyone else who influences the perceptions, attitudes, decisions and behaviors related to your initiative, program or service.  We work tirelessly to fully understand the scope of the situation – the environment, stakeholders, barriers to change and communication objectives. Only then are we able to develop communication plans and strategies that engage your target audiences and help move the needle on behavior change.

Our Creative Teams

Once the communication plans are established, you need a highly creative, experienced team to bring the plan to life.  Carroll & Company Communications works with some of the most accomplished professionals in the business from strategists, writers and designers to web developers, video production teams and social media gurus.  Our business model enables us to custom build the creative teams your project needs.

Evaluating Our Performance

Finally, we measure the success of communication strategies and campaigns we design.  Did it deliver as expected?  What worked better than expected, and what fell short? We build your communication strategy on the best available research so that it achieves maximum results. We then measure its success so we know where to make adjustments in order to maximize the opportunity for change going forward. 

Examples of Our Work

Declaration of independence, symbolic of government agencies

Government Agencies

dot org image linking to page of work completed for nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

hands on a wood table working together on mobile devices links to work completed for small businesses

Small Businesses