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Our Leadership Team

Christina “Tina” Carroll, APR Carroll & Company  president and chief communications officer, Tina Carroll started her career as a contractor providing marketing and communications services including script writing, producing, directing, event planning and video shooting and editing for training and corporate communication clients. For more than 25 years she has worked with private-sector  retail, banking, insurance and […]

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Diabetes walk starting line

St. Louis Unites for Diabetes Awareness

On a weekend when numerous protests about the killing of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer were scheduled, hundreds of St. Louisans of all races, ages and abilities came together to participate in the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes. Twenty-nine million people in the United States have diabetes.  Its prevalence is nearly twice as high among African Americans […]

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Our Work

Our Approach Effective interpersonal communication is 75% listening and 25% talking. The same is true for effective social marketing strategies. That’s why we start – and end — by listening to you, your priority populations, and anyone else who influences the perceptions, attitudes, decisions and behaviors related to your initiative, program or service.  We work […]

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Shifting the Paradigm from a Culture of Sickness to a Culture of Wellness

Prevention may be the silver bullet that helps get the nation’s $2 trillion healthcare costs under control, but implementing and sustaining it feels more like eating just one potato chip: nearly impossible. It requires a collective paradigm shift from a culture of excessive consumption and reactive healthcare to one of moderation and prevention.
This cultural change starts with changing how we perceive and value prevention in businesses, schools, places of worship, community facilities – everywhere we live, work and play. But change is hard, and most of us resist it even when we know it’s in our best interest. So what is it that will move us to take the first steps? Not too surprising to the marketing-types, it starts with creating the right message, delivering it in the right place at the right time to stir the emotions of business leaders, government officials, religious leaders, or community organizations and moving them to act. In business, that message is often about how much of the operating budget is being eaten up by healthcare benefits.

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